Full Moon Recharge

Let go of what isn't working. Apply Skin & Bones. Movin' on.  

Because crystals hold on to our energy, its important to cleanse them under the full moon, to purge and let go of —— and with intention.



For this week's full moon, which brings with it an air of completion that's simultaneously satisfying and daunting. As the brightest and most expansive lunar phase, the full moon will have a major effect on who you are, should you happen to be born under its light. To find out what the moon was doing on your birthday, find out here. birthday moon.

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never be without your skin & bones


The Solar Eclipse last month was amazing. I am still feeling the effects.


We’ve always believed life should be simple yet sophisticated. And what you put on your body should be as real as what you put in it.


Our products will always represent our holistic approach to wellness by connecting the body’s natural points of energy & centering the mind to perform at its very best.