We’ve always believed life should be simple yet sophisticated.  And what you put on your body should be as real as what you put in it.  

After learning about the amazing healing powers of essential oils at a sweat lodge, owner Heidi Jenkins began blending potions at home in an attempt to find the perfect natural nourishment for the skin.  She relied on her intuition, as well as lessons from Native American medicine, to challenge the belief that only a science lab could create a product that truly worked. 

Suddenly, when strangers began commenting on her skin’s remarkable glow and scent, she knew she had created something special.  And so Skin & Bones was born. 

Skin & Bones officially launched in 2009 with a single product.  Over the years, we’ve crafted new products to compliment the original moisturizer, without ever compromising what we set out to create:  Therapy for Everything. 

The brand continues to expand through collaborations and non-skin care products. 

Skin & Bones can be found online, and in retailers across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

A lot of love went into the creation of these organic products, and it’s only the beginning;  the beautiful journey, as always, continues. 

heidi jenkins skin and bones organic skin care

The Brand

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Skin & Bones is an organic-luxury house focused on healing the skin, body and soul by restoring energy and renewing the realness within. 

The label began its journey to find natural healing powers for the body, by creating the perfect moisturizer for the skin. It has since continued to expand its vision to create a complete regimen meant to calm, soothe, and nurture all skin types using only pure, organic matter and potent ingredients. 

All Skin & Bones products are made using a proprietary blend of essential oils derived from organic botanicals with deep, rich scents and therapeutic benefits. Skin & Bones Collaborations represent the house’s holistic approach to wellness by connecting the body’s natural points of energy and centering the mind to perform at its best.