"Rockstar of oils"                                                         "Jesus in a bottle"

"People stop me and tell me how wonderful I smell and how great my skin looks"

"Not sure how they got this scent perfect but it has depth and power"

"What a relief to have a moisturizer that does it ALL"

"I haven't had a blemish in years - hallalujah" 

"Thank you to my wife for introducing me to a product we can both use"

"Totally Luxurious! Will never replace this...ever."

"My daughter will not go to sleep without it"

"Skin & Bones Luxurious Moisturizer is part of my every day beauty routine, more than twice a day.  

I apply it after washing my face in the morning, under my foundation, and before I go to bed at night to close out my skin care routine.  

I've struggled with break outs since my teen years, and I can honestly say, I have not seen one blemish appear since becoming a Skin & Bones addict.

I love a multi-use product, and this is truly one.  I use it on my hair as well.  I'm an oil freak, I've tried them all.  Nothing compares to this one, in my opinion."

               — Gina Carney, founder RGB Cosmetics


"The smell is what hooked us."

               "It's warm, sexy, sensual...but not over-the-top or too strong. Subtle...especially when it warms up! Anyway, we started out slow with it, just using it on our hands, but then slowly started replacing all our other products with it. "

"I was skeptical about using an oil, but it is just right."

                                                       "My very, very sensitive skin LOVES Skin & Bones."

"I am a 33 year old male that has oily skin. When my wife first got this product she told me I should try it on my face. There was no way I wanted to put oil on my oily skin, that just sounded insane to me. Guess what, this stuff, even though it is oil, doesn't leave an oily residue."

                "Heavenly Elixir."

 "I have been using Skin & Bones on my face for over a year now. My skin has never looked better. I love it, and it smells incredible!"


"This oil is truly remarkable. Although I have oily skin, I can use this oil on my face and I don't break out."

                             "Can't live without! "

                          "I can't find enough places to put it on, hair, skin, hands, as a perfume."

"Totally Luxurious! Will never replace this...ever."

                "I've tried many skincare oils-this one is the best!"

 "It's not every day that I am immediately impressed by a product - but I was so taken with the scent of your product from the get-go."