Skin & Bones is excited to announce our first collaboration with Unearthen Jewelry centered around our chakras.

The Skin & Bones and Unearthen collaboration is centered around our chakras.

Gia Bahm, Owner and Designer of Unearthen, works with metals to create “homes” for the crystal and stone treasures she finds. We were looking for a “home” to carry the potions we were mixing, and so naturally we decided it was meant to be.

The necklaces are the pairings of seven cut stones specifically chosen for balancing the seven chakras. A metal cast pendulum screws into the stone, and the metal vial holds a special Skin & Bones Chakra Fragrance made with organic jojoba and seven essential oils hand blended to help clear chakras. 

Use to calm and nourish your body and mind, for personal meditation and overall well-balance. 

Photo by Olivia Jaffee

Photo by Olivia Jaffee

Guideline to choosing your stone and focusing your meditation:

ROOT CHAKRA: Located at the base of the spine, the first energy center. This chakra relates to our most basic survival needs and our sense of belonging, whether to our family or a larger group.

SACRAL CHAKRA: Located about two inches below the belly button. It is associated with emotions, sex, manifestation, trusting the universe, and feeling enough.

SOLAR PLEXIS: Located slightly above the naval. Represents personal power, identity, confidence, energy center, and ability to manifest.

HEART CHAKRA: Its physical location is the heart, upper chest, and upper back. Gives us our ability to give and receive love and deal with grief and betrayal.

THROAT CHAKRA: Throat area. The ability to communicate our truths, desires, and opinions effectively as well as listen to other people’s wholeheartedly.

THIRD EYE CHAKRA: Middle of forehead above brow. Governs our intuitive self in spirituality, controls our wisdom, common sense, dreams, and memory retentions.

CROWN CHAKRA: Very top/center of head. Connection to higher power outside of our physical and material world, oneness, unity to all life, and transcendental meaning to life.

the magical chakra fragrance shown here with the crown chakra necklace