What is on the lovely Ms. Jasmin’s Vanity in Chicago?  

Skin & Bones Luxurious Moisturizer, Skin & Bones Luxurious Salve, Chanel Coco Noir, Chanel Lipstick, Land by Land Travel Candle.

Jasmin is a creative in Chicago who works at ARC and is the designer for Skin & Bones. She also happens to be my cousin and our mother’s are best friends. Jasmin is married to Baptiste who is from France and who I call “Frenchy.” Eric and I like to meet Jasmin and Baptiste in cool cities and hit great restaurants like Bangers & Lace, flo, Twisted Spoke, The Publican, and Jerry's and so many more.  We go to shows like Coachella. We also spend a lot of time north of Chicago in Winthrop Harbor with our family for our annual Harvest Dinner in October which includes too much eating and drinking and playing Corn Hole.