Miraculous and divine oils to heal you inside and out

There’s a starman waiting in the sky

out of this world real

Skin & Bones is an organic-luxury house focused on healing the skin, body, and soul by restoring energy and renewing the realness within. 

We began our journey to find natural healing powers for the body in 2009, when founder and master formulator, Heidi set out to craft artisanal products using only pure, organic matter and potent ingredients. 

After a year of mixing potions, she found the perfect blend of nine therapeutic-grade essential oils derived from organic botanicals with deep, rich scents and therapeutic benefits. This proprietary recipe is the base for all products and works to heal the body and soul by calming environmental and emotional stressors.

We started the house of Skin & Bones with our Luxurious Moisturizer, and have continued to expand our vision to create a complete regimen meant to balance, soothe, and nourish all skin types.

Our products and collaborations will always represent our holistic approach to wellness by connecting the body’s natural points of energy and centering the mind to perform at its very best.