Solar Eclipse Reading by Cherella

For the above Earth and Moon tarot cards listen to the Earth and Moon readings below by The Practice Collective to understand the meaning of The Great Solar Eclipse.

The Tarot cards drawn for the Sun Reading Recording above by The Practice Collective.  

During the New Moon in the Solar Eclipse, listen closely to your soul for new inspirations appearing to be manifested in this coming year.

Solar Eclipse Mantra

Meditate with a mantra  

When you mediate without a mantra you can clean the subconscious.  When you mediate with a mantra you can clean the unconscious.  


Everything for your
viewing escapade

Includes: Mantra/Mediation oil, Dragon Glass, Moonstone, and Fire Agate for
energy healing and protection properties, solar eclipse glasses, and a
super cool map to guide you.  

The spectacle of the total solar eclipse is happening August 21st, 2017, 
don't forget to look up!

word of the month:
Umbraphile —  Lover of shadows


The Solar Eclipse can cause strong emotional reactions three days before and three days after.  Sit Still. Resist the powerful urge to react. Treat your emotions like tourists. Welcome them but then move on.


During the Solar Eclipse be by water.
Even if it is your bathtub.

We’ve always believed life should be simple yet sophisticated. And what you put on your body should be as real as what you put in it.


Our products will always represent our holistic approach to wellness by connecting the body’s natural points of energy & centering the mind to perform at its very best.