Staying Grounded during the Super Blood Wolf Moon

On January 20th, we’ll see a cosmic wonder: The Super Blood Wolf Moon and Lunar Eclipse. The moon will look massive, as the sun’s light refracts the earth’s atmosphere causing a “Blood” or reddish glow on its surface. And as the first full moon of 2019, we’ll be admiring a “Wolf’s Moon” -- aptly named for all the mid-winter howling.  

The Blood Wolf Moon is also a time to align and reflect; much like the sun, earth and moon lined up in eclipsed orbit. In Astrology, eclipses are like checkpoints and their transitional nature remind us to pause and consider new possibilities.



If you feel like embracing the pull of the planets,
below are 5 Intentions you can set during the Blood Wolf Moon.

Series by Renowned photographer Markus Klinko

Series by Renowned photographer Markus Klinko

Art by the brilliant artist  @caseyweldon

Art by the brilliant artist @caseyweldon

1. Create a past-present-future playlist

Trust in your Spotify Discover Weekly and create a playlist of your favorite and yet-to-be-discovered favorite artists.

2. Make your space (or mini-spaces) more meaningful

Take a page or two from Marie Kondo and keep what matters, and then thank and toss what doesn’t. You can also start small by making your favorite Skin & Bones Products more included in your life, by placing them on a nice tray and assigning a place for them.

3. Start a new routine with Skin & Bones

While musing on positive intentions, why not adopt a skin care routine that’s made the same way? Begin with the Luxurious Cleanser and follow it up with Luxurious Moisturizer all made with things the Super Moon already touches like Ylang Ylang, Rosewood and Jasmine Oils.

4. Plant, reflect and burn

During the eclipse try making three lists. The first list should be new intentions you hope to set, carry this list with you. The next should be a list of accomplishments you’re proud of, save this list! Lastly, list out habits you wish to leave behind, and then (safely) burn it.

5. Light a candle for Leo

This Blood Wolf Moon is happening in Leo, the fire sign of the bold and passionate Lion. Try lighting a candle to recognize Leo’s ruling planet the Sun and welcome the positive, confident and magical vibes that come along with it into this new year.

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 11.37.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 11.40.25 PM.png

Gather your Blood Wolf Moon Essentials

We’ve always believed life should be simple yet sophisticated. And what you put on your body should be as real as what you put in it.


Our products will always represent our holistic approach to wellness by connecting the body’s natural points of energy & centering the mind to perform at its very best.